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Tune in to expert knowledge on all aspects of product compliance for wireless technology.

Do your products have integrated wireless components?  Were relevant regulations taken into account during product development?  In what countries do which regulations apply?  Our experts are ready to advise on these and all other aspects of wireless communications technology.

Compliance expertise for WIRELESS technology

You're a manufacturer or importer of information and telecommunications technology or are working with products that use wireless technology?  Then you're operating in a highly regulated industry where products require market authorizations worldwide.  Market surveillance is strict, especially when exporting to non-EU countries where regulatory non-compliance is often heavily penalised.

How well do you know requirements regarding radio equipment?

Wireless components are being installed in an ever growing number of devices, rapidly expanding wireless communications technology into completely new areas.  Applicable regulations are likewise evolving into ever more horizontal, cross-industry requirements that end up applying to many product segments, so-called Combined Equipment products.  Products in industry sectors that previously had little or nothing to do with radio technology now have to meet new requirements, which is catching some companies unprepared.

GLOBALNORM – Experts in Wireless Communications compliance

Our experts are as well versed in the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU as they are in the equivalent requirements in countries outside of the EU, such as the FCC in the USA or the ANATEL in Brazil.  The specialists at GLOBALNORM are also active in relevant industry regulatory bodies such as the Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association (www.redca.eu), which ensures our specialist knowledge is always up to date.

We are your reliable partner for placing compliant wireless devices on target markets all over the world.

Wireless products compliance and standards expertise

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