Product compliance for importers

An importer may only bring compliant products into a country to place on the market.  This applies to all products imported into the EU, and in principle also to non-EU countries.  The importer ensures the conformity assessment procedure was carried out by the manufacturer and that the product comes with all the requisite documentation.

Every importer has extensive monitoring obligations and needs to cooperate with market surveillance authorities.  Failure to comply with these obligations may result in sanctions being issued, such as an import ban or a product recall order.

    Trust is good, mandatory monitoring is better

    Expert knowledge for successfully placing compliant products on the market.

    Compliance expertise and support for importers

    Services by GLobalnorm to Importers of products to the eu include

    • Organizing and ensuring product compliance
    • Analysis and advice on technical documentation
    • Analysis and design of product compliance processes

    services by globalnorm to Manufacturers launching products in non-eu countries include

    • Assistance in establishing the requirements for import to non-EU countries

    Our specialists would be pleased to advise you on all product compliance issues regarding import and export.

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