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Solid expertise in market authorization and efficient Standards Management for the automotive industry.

Which normative and regulatory requirements apply to individual automotive components?  How do they pass the CE assessment process?  We have the expertise and experience to assist you in precisely these issues.

Compliance expertise for automotive companies

You're an automotive industry supplier, a manufacturer of after-sales service products or importer of automotive components?  Then you're most certainly confronted with any number of regulatory requirements that are becoming as complex as the increasingly innovative technology being deployed to drive us from A to B.

Name all the market Authorization requirements that apply to your products

Car manufacturers have high levels of expertise in their core competencies.  Many automotive companies have a well-functioning Standards department and use professional Standards Management software.  Increasingly, however, substantial knowledge is required in non-core business areas if products fall partially or completely under a different code or regulation.  For example, a 230 volt inverter is subject to the Low Voltage Directive and the corresponding CE marking requirement.

Continuously evolving wireless communications tools with functions such as car-to-car communication and emergency call, or service features such as wireless tire pressure monitoring and distance radar, also present steadily growing challenges to the automotive industry.

GLOBALNORM – For vehicle conformity worldwide

We are pleased to offer our training courses and comprehensive range of services to automotive companies in their development and management of the knowledge necessary for this, as well as the provision of databases on the respective market access prerequisites.  Find out how our wealth of experience in machinery safety, radio communications, safety of electrics and electronics and EMC in a variety of markets can benefit you.

We are your experienced partner for safe, compliant automotive components for international target markets.

Product Compliance and Standards expertise for the automotive industry

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Our knowledge and experience of automotive industry requirements is vast.  Take advantage of our wide range of services today!

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