Legislation and standards play an increasingly important role in the value chain.  Managing all of that information efficiently requires knowledge, time and commitment.  Proper licensing is just as important as the correct interpretation, application and updating of the stipulated provisions.

We provide you with the necessary overview and transparency.  And it involves more than just downloading a multi-page document.  Managing standards is a significant challenge, even for experienced operators.  We stand by our credo – from standards to understanding.

Let us handle it!

We've worked hard to establish our knowledge base.  We know the pitfalls and challenges that the world of standards and market access requirements holds in store for you, and we'd like to share our knowledge with you.  With optimal solutions, customized precisely to your needs – clear and easy to apply.

Values such as trust, objectivity and independence are our top priority.  We view our consultancy as providing active support and as a meeting of equals.

Our service package also includes the promise that you'll understand what we're talking about.

Expertise and know-how since 2002

Knowledgeable and independent advice from the experts in standards and product compliance – on par in a partnership of equals.

Our story

From a Two-Person Business Partnership to successful SME

Marion and Michael Loerzer recognized early on the growing need among businesses for support in dealing with national and international standards.

In 2002 therefore they registered a business partnership: GLOBALNORM.

The response was overwhelming and the Globalnorm GmbH company was founded in 2006 on the basis of that success.

More on Standards and Product Compliance

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