Product compliance for manufacturers

manufacturer Obligations – to know and fulfil

As a product manufacturer, you're obliged to ensure every one of your products is designed and manufactured in accordance with the respectively relevant regulatory legislation.  The manufacturer bears product liability, which means he is liable for damage compensation in every country, state or region in which their product is marketed.

Liability and damage compensation risks

Infringement of any of the manufacturer obligations can result in market surveillance authorities issuing your business or products with sanctions or embargos, ranging from a sales ban to a product recall order.  Customs authorities are also increasingly inspecting products more closely – especially in countries outside the EU.  Incorrect labeling, markings or declarations of conformity can result in products being held by customs for weeks at a time.


GLOBALNORM – Your specialist for product compliance worldwide

In order to fulfil your obligations as a manufacturer and to avoid liability risks, placing compliant products on the market is indispensable to the economic success of your company.  How can you master these challenges efficiently and reliably?  Our specialists are ready to assist you by carrying out an assessment of your particular risk situation, provide tailored consultation or implement a manufacturing process optimization developed in cooperation with you.

Product compliance is risk minimization

Our specialized expertise ensures legally compliant manufacturing and market entry of your products.

Compliance expertise and support for manufacturers

Our services include

  • Research and interpretation of regulations and the resultant actions relevant to your product
  • Researching standards and the regular provision of normative and regulatory requirements
  • Organization of the Conformity Assessment procedure
  • Establishing requirements and the preparation of Declarations of Conformity
  • Determining labeling requirements
  • Establishing requirements regarding technical documentation as well as instruction manuals
  • Analysis and optimization of Product Compliance processes
  • Support in a crisis situation at short notice
  • Training of relevant employees to establish in-house expertise

Our specialists would be pleased to advise you on and at all stages of the product development process.

Product compliance expertise for manufacturers
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