The consultants at GLOBALNORM have acquired their knowledge and expertise on standards, regulations and market access requirements over many years and in projects across a wide range of industries.

Proven competence and a practical approach make our experts highly sought after as speakers on Product Compliance and Standards Management at conferences, conventions and seminars.

Expert knowledge and true dedication

Many years of experience and perpetual knowledge gain ensure reliable advice and practical solutions.

The brains behind GLOBALNORM

The heart of our company is our team. Each individual has a specialty – whether in direct consulting with our customers or behind the scenes. Get to know a part of our team here!

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Janine Döring

Janine Döring enriches the GLOBALNORM team since May 2022. After her training as a publishing house clerk, she worked for various companies as an office manager and in finance and accounting. The structured work with clear figures and data is the perfect balance to her creative work as an independent fashion and textile designer. For this second mainstay, she designs unique fabric patterns. 

As Customer Support Accountant she takes care of the preparatory accounting at GLOBALNORM. She generates quotations and invoices, takes care of account clarification and dunning, books incoming invoices and masters each month-end closing. 

"Breaking old patterns is not only my approach when it comes to designing fabrics. Always being open to new things and adaptable - that's the key to so much, big and small. So is humor!"

Anette Dunkel-Reinboth

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Anette Dunkel-Reinboth is part of GLOBALNORM since 2016. After studying physical technology she worked at the University of Dortmund in the field of experimental physics before changing to the business side and gaining valuable practical experiences for many years.

As Standards & Product Compliance Consultant she is GLOBALNORMs ambassador in the Rhine-Main-Region. She sees to customer queries, consults and guides the customers of our standards management system and researches into market access requirements from all over the world to specific client’s issues as well as for our Product Compliance Portal ROGER WILLCO as part of our COMPLIANCE team.

“The Chinese proverb a mountain on which brother’s work brings gold boils it down to an essence: cooperation is the key to success! Especially in such stormy weathers as today it is the more important to keep your knowhow up-to-date – which you can hardly accomplish alone. Even though I am not on-site so often I know that I can rely on my colleagues and their knowhow in Berlin.”

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Inken Green

Inken Green is a fully qualified Lawyer and an experienced specialist in all aspects of product safety legislation. She already focused on public and European law during her law studies in Hamburg. She quickly became enthusiastic about the topic of product conformity requirements and international market access requirements. Since 2007, she has been a competent support for Globalnorm GmbH in numerous projects and has already been appreciated by many seminar participants as an expert speaker. Furthermore, she is a certified Product Compliance Officer according to ISO/IEC 17024. Based in Lüneburg, Inken Green is responsible for consulting on all aspects of product, environmental and material compliance.

Inken is also an active member of the following organization:
Expertenforum Global Environmental Compliance

Benjamin Kerger


Benjamin Kerger (B. Eng.) joined our COMPLIANCE team in 2022. As a Bachelor of Engineering in communications engineering with a specialization in signal processing and high-frequency engineering and further points of contact with related courses of study such as telematics, audio technology/acoustics and media technology, he has turned his enthusiasm for technology into a career. After graduation, he worked for many years at a testing and certification service provider for electrical and electronic equipment. Although his base is in the field of radio and EMC requirements, he most recently worked as a laboratory manager for product safety and environmental simulation and was also able to expand his expertise in the areas of functional safety and cyber security.

As a certified Product Compliance Officer according to ISO/IEC 17024, he advises various companies at GLOBALNORM as a Product Compliance Consultant on specific market approval issues and passes on his knowledge at lectures and in training courses. In addition, his knowledge flows into our product compliance portal.

"Each consulting assignment combines my preference fields of technology, geography and economics. This is where I can take a complex mass of information, turn it into the complicated, and then present it in a simplified way. Although I am constantly expanding my horizons, I am aware that there will never come a time when I understand everything, let alone know everything."

Linda Kritzler

Linda Kritzler (B. A.) has been part of the GLOBALNORM Compliance Team since January 2023. In her studies of East Asian economics and politics, she pursued the topics of sustainability and environmental protection. She found the right outlet for her research drive by establishing the materials compliance department at a manufacturing company in the electronics industry since 2017. The challenges of implementing RoHS, REACH and other substance regulatory topics have been her daily task ever since. At ZVEI, she took on the role of REACH Core Group Manager during this time and prepared the developments of the regulation for the Substance Policy Working Group.

As a Material & Environmental Compliance Consultant at GLOBALNORM, she provides practical advice on international substance regulatory requirements. She also shares her expertise in workshops, lectures and the Product Compliance Portal.

"What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow. This statement - and one of my guiding principles - comes from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and is more true today than ever."

Timo Lachner

Timo Lachner has been part of our team at GLOBALNORM STANDARDS since mid-2022. As a trained retail salesman, he most recently managed a REWE store in Berlin before deciding to make a lateral move to GLOBALNORM. 

As Junior Standards Procurement Consultant he supports the customers of our standards management system GLOBALnorm in the procurement of standards, advises them in the ordering process and helps them with questions concerning our standards management system. His enjoyment of dealing with people and his many years of experience in purchasing stand him in good stead.

"Learning by doing – that's my motto. No standard is the same, and the options for procuring documents are also quite diverse. Procuring the required standards for our customers and dealing with new topics and mastering new challenges day after day is something I really enjoy."

Maya Loerzer

Maya Loerzer joined our team at the end of 2019. After training in hotel management at the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin, she continued her development at the Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg, becoming an HR specialist. She is also a qualified trainer and spends her evenings learning for her BA in business psychology.

Her work as a project & HR manager at GLOBALNORM showcases her talent for organization and flair for service. As an HR expert she takes care of all our team’s needs, and at GLOBALNORM ACADEMY she plans and organizes our events. 

“When I’m asked what kind of company I work for, I always have to think back to my childhood. Whenever our parents tried to explain to me what standardization, product compliance etc. are, you could almost see the question mark on my face. In the meantime I can summarize our work myself in an understandable way. And it fills me with pride to work for a family business that understands the value of good service, knowledge sharing and every individual employee.

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Michael Loerzer

Michael Loerzer is the founder and Managing Director of GLOBALNORM.  Michael holds a Communications Engineering degree in high-frequency, transmissions and control technology (cybernetics) from Berlin University and gained valuable experience as General Manager of an accredited testing laboratory during his career.  He founded GLOBALNORM in 2002 and is our Regulatory Affairs Specialist.  In addition, Michael Loerzer is a respected author of academic literature with a practical orientation and a well-known speaker for numerous seminar organizers. He also teaches his knowledge of national and international standards and standards systems as a lecturer at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart in the industrial engineering course and as a certified Product Compliance Officer in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024 in our "PCO" courses.


  • Product compliance
  • Regulatory market access requirements
  • Product safety
  • Machinery safety
  • Radio spectrum and EMC


Michael is also an active member of the following organizations:

Chairman since 2004 of the DIN e.V. Standardization Committee Product Compliance Interest Group (ANP-TGP)

Member of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES) at the IEEE in the United States

Uwe Logar

Uwe Logar is part of the team GLOBALNORM STANDARDS since 2018. As state-certified carriage and vehicle construction technician he worked as Project Planning Engineering Specialist, Global Sourcing Consultant and Head of the Standardization Department of a big construction equipment manufacturer for many years. In doing so, he has taken a wide variety of perspectives on product development and standardization into account.

He is now working as Standards Consultant and GLOBALNORM profits greatly from his wealth of experience. The customers of our standards management system GLOBALnorm benefit of his proactive thinking and support by asking his expertise on consulting, researching and procuring of standards.

“Like Henry Ford said: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. A change of perspectives is so important to broaden one’s horizon and be open for new things. To slip into the shoes of our customers and find the best possible solution for their needs is a joy for me every day."

Ina May

Ina May has been an integral part of our GLOBALNORM team since May 2012. She started her professional life with apprenticeships as a typesetter and advertising clerk before she found her way to GLOBALNORM as a specialist for media and information services, specializing in information and documentation.

As Editor for Market Access Information, Ina May is our eager knowledge collector in the background. She keeps the database of international market approval requirements of our product compliance portal ROGER WILLCO up to date, researches legislation for colleagues in consulting, monitors standards and scours the Official Journal of the European Union for the latest harmonized standards. 

"My guiding principle: Seek and you shall find. Sometimes I have to dig pretty deep to find the information my colleagues need for their work. My work is varied because I travel practically all over the world."

​​​​​​​Heike Niesolowski

Heike Niesolowski found her way to the GLOBALNORM team in August 2023. As a trained advertising manager, she has built up a lot of know-how in large advertising agencies before joining us on the corporate side.

As Marketing Manager, Heike Niesolowski takes care of the maintenance and expansion of our brand and our customer relationships with heart and soul and lots of ideas. Precise communication in our complex subject area, analyzing data as a sound basis for decision-making, and driving forward work with new technologies and digital trends will be her daily tasks, to which she will devote herself with pleasure.

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Dima Pysmennyi

Dima Pysmennyi graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in economics. He then continued his academic career and obtained his Master's degree in Corporate Finance at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2010. In 2022, he continued his professional journey as a Scrum Product Owner at Scale, where he dealt with agile methods and product development in the digital space.

Since November 2023, Dima Pysmennyi has been a member of the team at GLOBALNORM and holds the position of Product Specialist. He is in continuous contact with customers, experts and developers to structure and advance the SaaS solutions ROGER WILLCO and GLOBALnorm in the IT development process. In doing so, he focuses primarily on innovative technologies such as AI and smart standards in order to offer our customers customized solutions.

He particularly enjoys the direct interaction with our customers and the responsibility of ensuring that our products meet their needs. It fills him with pride that he plays an important role for our customers at GLOBALNORM and that he can be part of this solution. In his field of work, he enjoys the challenge of looking at problems from different perspectives.

The tagline "The best time for change is now" reflects his attitude of always being open to new ideas.

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Torsten Sahm

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Torsten Sahm joined the GLOBALNORM team in April 2020. Following an apprenticeship in information electronics and a degree in communications engineering, Torsten worked first in electronics development at various small companies that would now be called start-ups. He then provided consulting services for small and mid-sized companies on the introduction of the first European EMC Directive. After that came many years working for a large automotive supplier in the area of multimedia equipment. There he was responsible for setting up an accredited EMC test laboratory, for the technical service of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), and for establishing and executing international radio approval for 190 countries.

As Senior Product Compliance Consultant and certified Product Compliance Officer according to ISO/IEC 17024 at GLOBALNORM he supports international customers with a whole range of products, helping them overcome challenges relating to EMC, radio, automotive and other statutory and technical requirements. He enjoys sharing his wide-ranging expertise in workshops and training sessions. 

“I grew up in Dortmund and have always enjoyed being part of a multicultural community. For me, the fun part of my work at GLOBALNORM is above all interacting with my colleagues and all the different personalities on the customer side. What I also find very fulfilling is the great variety of tasks and details that we need to know.”

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Wolfram Ziegerer

Wolfram Ziegerer is our Customer Support Consultant at the STANDARDS Business Unit of Globalnorm GmbH in Berlin.  Wolfram is a qualified Wholesale and Import-Export Agent and has been with GLOBALNORM since 2007.

Providing full-text services to clients using the GLOBALnorm Standards Management system forms the primary focus of his role in our organization. Other peformance objectives include consulting on ordering standards and the procurement of standards as well as their efficient integration into the GLOBALnorm Standards Management system.

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DIN e.V. Standardization Committee Product Compliance
www.din.de (in german)



DIN e.V. Standardization Committee Standards Management
www.din.de (in german)


DIN e.V. Standardization Committee Electrical Engineering (NE)
www.din.de (in german)


IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society, PSES


Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association


Expert Panel on Global Environmental Compliance
www.ipa.fraunhofer.de (in german)


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