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We work in cooperation with selected partners from industry and science – maintaining a constant dialog on the latest developments as well as linking theoretical guidelines to a practical approach.

In addition, we're actively involved in influential professional associations and interest groups focusing on STANDARDS and COMPLIANCE.  Reciprocal knowledge exchange of our experts with their peers at the leading organizations shown below ensures that we too are constantly expanding our horizons. This gives us the capacity to fulfil your specific requirements – in relation to a particular industry, locally or globally.

Our network

EMV Testhaus

EMV Testhaus is an independent, accredited testing laboratory with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of test and measurement technology, offering a wide range of services.

Our services range from testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), product safety, energy efficiency and noise emissions testing to radio frequency, thermal and climate assessments.  Whatever you would like to have tested, assessed or inspected, we have the necessary expertise and equipment.

Our goal is to have satisfied customers who trust in our services.  EMV Testhaus provides objective advice to clients and offers individually designed, flexible solutions.  Working in collaboration with our partners is a top priority for us.  The satisfaction of our clients is our benchmark of success.  Many clients in Germany and from around the world have come to rely on our competence and use our services.


gds – Global Document Solutions

GDS specializes in applied software solutions and services in the field of technical documentation.  Our focus is on process optimization and increasing organizational efficiency.

Our docuglobe editorial system is used by over 400 companies, providing consistent, quality-assured documentation as well as considerable cost savings.  Preparation of documentation conforms to relevant Standards and ranges from operating manuals to risk assessments.  gds Sprachenwelt provides certified translation and language services.


Unternehmensberatung Dr. Matthias Vieth

Only change is certain.  Businesses that have a clear structure and apply efficient management systems consistently tend to be more successful.  Unternehmensberatung Dr. Matthias Vieth was founded in 2008 to provide business consulting services that make specialist business expertise and management skills available to organizations wanting to develop and improve their management systems.

Individual consultation, handling of operations projects, management systems training and the subsequent exchange of knowledge and experience gained are key features of our services.  Using an integrative, holistic approach, we take on assignments to organize and manage business improvement projects.  Our expertise includes improving the management of: suppliers, quality, risk, projects, processes, compliance and organizational change.

In active collaboration with our development partners in science and corporate practice, Unternehmensberatung Dr. Matthias Vieth is continuously working on creating new strategies, concepts and methods.  The procedural model SAMS interactive was developed in cooperation with our partners.  It offers our customers the best possible methodological support to close the gap between Objective and Implementation, and secures the sustainability of the success of their business improvement projects.


Noerr LLP

Noerr LLP is a leading law firm in Europe.  With over 470 lawyers on staff, Noerr LLP is a strong partner for companies doing business in European as well as non-European countries.

Noerr LLP provides expert advice on product compliance legislation, especially regarding CE marking, product safety and product liability requirements, WEEE / RoHS / REACH legislation as well as product recall management.


Conformance Limited

Conformance Limited is one of the UK's leading independent advisory agencies in CE marking, product safety and environmental issues.

We have over 15 years' experience in the CE marking industry and have to date assisted more than 3,000 companies in fulfilling the necessary requirements for their products.

Our specialized consultants cover the full range of CE Directives – machinery, production lines, work equipment, electrical / electronic devices, pressure equipment and ATEX / DSEAR, medical devices, and toy safety – as well as all the environmental Directives.
Our approach is highly adaptable, enabling us to help small, home-based businesses to certify their products themselves just the same as we can monitor safety at a steel rolling mill.  We can provide solutions for every conceivable product.


Schmeling + Consultants GmbH

Schmeling + Consultants GmbH advises companies on quality assurance, legal conformity and technical information management, as well as information systems and processes for successful technical communication.  Superior competence in content preparation, methodology and transfer of expertise, as well as comprehensive training and further education of editorial staff form the focus of our consultation.

Accurate research on the global requirements of technical documentation to ensure their correct implementation is at the heart of our partnership with GLOBALNORM.


Ingenieurbüros pb

The services of Ingenieurbüros pb focus on the preparation of risk assessments and operating instruction manuals for all sectros of the mechanical engineering industry.  Additional services include coaching on the CE marking process based on the client's requirements.

Peter Buck is a fully qualified engineer and owner-operator of Ingenieurbüros pb since 1994.  Peter completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic before going on to enrol and graduate in mechanical engineering and founding Ingenieurbüros pb soon after.


Peter Buck is the Deputy Chairman of the DIN e.V. Standardization Committee Product Compliance Interest Group (ANP-TGP) and of the extended Management Circle of the ANP-Stuttgart.



Compliance inSight Consulting Inc.

Compliance inSight Consulting Inc. specializes in risk assessment of industrial machinery in accordance with current EU and US and Canadian regulatory requirements.

Services include consultancy, other risk assessments, safety reviews, functional safety analysis and training courses.


Together we'll master your challenge efficiently and effectively.  Contact us!

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