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Sound expertise in all aspects of product safety and compliance for technology companies.

Do you know the requirements for certification of your products in your target market?  Do you also know which ones are mandatory and which are optional?  We can assist you in your research and help you to differentiate and correctly apply the requisite Directives.

Compliance expertise for ELECTRICAL Products & ELECTRONICS

You're a manufacturer or importer of electrical or electronic products?  Then you ought to know exactly which legal requirements apply to your products in the proposed destination countries so as to prevent inconvenient product recall campaigns or any other unpleasant surprises during importation.

Which market Authorization requirements are mandatory?

Manufacturers of electronic and electrical engineering products often have to have specific certifications and/or authorizations for non-EU target markets, e.g. FCC for electromagnetic compatibility in the USA or CCC for product safety in China.  To be able to comply with these requirements, you need to spend time researching every destination country individually.  Moreover, it's important for manufacturers to determine which requirements are obligatory and which are optional.

Placing electrotechnical products on a market is a complex task even within the EU, because a wide range of harmonization legislation applies.  These include, for example, Directives on EMC, Low Voltage, RoHS, ErP or ATEX, which frequently also give rise to delineation issues regarding product-specific harmonization legislation, such as the Radio Equipment Directive or the Machinery Directive.

GLOBALNORM – THE Product Compliance Specialists

Our clients are predominantly manufacturers and importers of electrical or electronic equipment in the areas of automotive supply industry, consumer products, measurement and control and feedback control technology, information and communications technology, domestic appliances, low voltage switchgear and equipment, equipment for machinery and plant systems, as well as electromedical devices.

We have profound expertise in CE marking requirements and all associated harmonization legislation, as well as the relevant legislation governing these industry sectors in countries outside of the EU.

We are your experienced partner for placing compliant technological devices on international markets.

Expertise in electrical and electronic Products Compliance and Standards

How may we help you?

Our knowledge on all aspects of product compliance for electrical and electronic devices is vast.  Take advantage of our wide range of services today!

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