REDCA TGN01 published

The new guideline on RED conformity requirements for radio systems has been published

The REDCA (Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association) has published the TGN 01 on its website - the “Technical Guideline 01 on RED compliance requirements for a radio installation, often referred to as a radio module, and the final radio system with an integrated radio module”. This guideline supports manufacturers in the conformity assessment of radio products consisting of a non-radio system and a permanently installed radio module (e.g. Bluetooth, NFC, WLAN or RFID). In this case, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU applies in addition to other specific harmonization legislation - apart from the EMC Directive and the Low Voltage Directive. These two Directives do not apply to radio equipment with regard to conformity assessment.

Breaking News in Standards and Product Compliance

The world of standards and market authorization requirements may turn slowly, but it does turn.  Regular updates, revisions and reforms prove it.  We'll keep you posted!

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