New service in the standards management system: GLOBALnorm Statistics

Many users of our standard management system have expressed a desire to display an overview of interesting activities in GLOBALnorm and to see how many users per month are active in the system, which documents they look at or which orders they trigger. 

Our STANDARDS team has developed a solution to address this need. GLOBALnorm Statistics

  • You receive an overview of selected user-related and document-related activities in an XLS file.
  • You specify scope and frequency to meet your requirements.
  • You can make connections and draw conclusions based on user behaviour.
  • You receive meaningful statistics for internal purposes or for reporting to management

Of course we have been working closely with our data protection officer in order to make this service GDPR-compliant. The data is anonymised for the statistics.

As a GLOBALnorm user you can order this new service using the form behind the link below. Payment is made based on scope and time taken, using your timesheet (maximum 3 hours per evaluation).

If you are not yet a GLOBALnorm customer, take a look at the many benefits or our efficient GLOBALnorm software solution for managing and monitoring standards and expert-approved CE information!

Breaking News in Standards and Product Compliance

The world of standards and market authorization requirements may turn slowly, but it does turn.  Regular updates, revisions and reforms prove it.  We'll keep you posted!

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New service in the standards management system: GLOBALnorm Statistics

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