Canada: Updated standard for interference-causing equipment for lighingt equipment

Issue 5 to be applied from 01.06.2019

The authority responsible for the certification and approval of radio and telecommunication products in Canada, ISED, has published the fifth issue of the Interference-Causing Equipment Standard, ICES-005.

The document was published back in December 2018 and now contains additional requirements for lighting equipment, valid since 1st June 2019 for all products on the market in Canada.  

The most important updates in Issue 5:

  • Clarification of types of lighting equipment
  • Addition of some examples in section 1 
  • Requirements that were specified in ICES-Gen - General Requirements for Compliance of Interference-Causing Equipment - were removed
  • However, the reference to ICES-Gen is contained in Section 4 with relation to the ICES-Gen requirements which do not contradict the requirements of the ICES-005 standard

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