Additional markings for radio equipment with charging function (USB-C)

More labelling instead of uniformity

On December 07, 2022, there was the Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/2380 to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), which requires the single charging interface (USB-C) for "radio equipment that is chargeable via a wired charging function". The requirement will be mandatory from December 28, 2024 for almost all mobile devices except laptops. Laptops will have to comply with the requirement mandatorily from April 28, 2026.

What is forgotten in all the glee about uniform chargers is that they are not so uniform after all. The USB-C connector is uniform. The fast charging protocol (USB Power Delivery) does not have to be used. The wireless devices differ in the minimum required as well as in the maximum charging power. This is already the case today and will not reduce the variety of charging devices in the future. In this implementing regulation, this is taken into account by the EU through corresponding pictograms and instructions for the buyer and user.

Labelling on the packaging
The customer should be informed before purchase whether a charger is included or not. In addition, the customer should be informed about which charger is required.
For this purpose, two pictograms have been defined in RED Annex Ia, Part III.
If a charger is required for this product and is part of the scope of delivery, the pictogram with charger (not crossed out) is printed on the packaging.
If a charging power supply unit is required but is not included in the scope of delivery, the pictogram with the symbol crossed out shall be printed on the packaging.

Labelling on the packaging, in the operating instructions and on the product, if applicable.
The third pictogram (RED Annex Ia, Part IV), in the RED it is called a label, is also printed or glued on the packaging. In addition, it must be printed in the instructions for use. If there is no packaging, the label must be affixed to the radio equipment.

Further notes on the label according to RED Annex Ia, Part IV:
Instead of the letters 'XX', indicate the numerical value of the minimum power required by a charging power supply to charge the radio equipment.

Instead of the letters "YY", indicate the numerical value of the minimum power required by the radio equipment to reach the maximum charging rate, which must be supplied by a charging power supply unit in order to reach this maximum charging rate.

The abbreviation 'USB PD' (USB Power Delivery) shall be indicated if the radio equipment supports this fast charging protocol. The 'USB PD' protocol controls the fastest power delivery from the charger to the radio without shortening the battery life.

Provided the label remains recognizable and comprehensible, different variations (e.g., in terms of color, filled-in representation or outline, line width) are permitted. If the label is shown smaller or larger, the proportions of the representation in point 1 of this Part shall be respected. The dimension 'a' in point 1 of this Part shall also be at least 7 mm for variants."

New information in the product documentation of radio equipment
Prescribed wording according to RED Annex Ia, Part II: "The power of the charger shall range from a minimum power of [xx] watts required by the radio equipment to a maximum power of [yy] watts required to achieve the maximum charging rate."

The wattage indicates respectively the minimum power required by the radio equipment and the maximum power required by the radio equipment to reach the maximum charging speed.

The labelling requirements described here can be implemented by manufacturers with immediate effect.

This information represents only an excerpt of the requirements for labelling. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Torsten Sahm 
Senior Product Compliance Consultant


Published on 22.09.2023
Category: Fokus Automotive, Fokus Industry, Fokus Consumer Goods & Retail, Fokus Electrical and Wireless, Fokus Medical Devices, Compliance

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