Understanding and Safety

Understanding standards and market authorization requirements equals risk minimization, resource conservation and strong business growth.

Meet the compliance specialists

Standards and Product Compliance expertise since 2002

Anyone who manufactures or sells products inevitably comes into contact with standards and regulations, which is a good thing. They ensure only safe products are placed on the market to reach consumers. We therefore welcome regulatory governance – even if it takes a lot of hard work and even more knowledge to successfully comply with all requirements.

Which is why we founded GLOBALNORM. Since 2002 we have been advising and assisting companies of all sizes and in a range of industries on product compliance – from product development to placing on the market. Our services and expertise can assist you as Product Manager or Senior Executive in the successful market launch of your products, naturally without product certification interests.

We're right by your side, saving you time and money whilst significantly lowering your product liability risks. Commencing with the question of which standards are actually relevant to your needs, up to the final Declaration of Conformity – let our experience guide you. Take advantage of our expert advice, in-house software solutions and customized training courses today and succeed in becoming a smart company with compliant products.

We provide the support you need in every product development phase to ensure your goods are legally compliant on international markets.


Your Standards Management and Product Compliance specialists
Verstärkung gesucht!

Das STANDARDS-Team sucht neue Kollegen für Normeneinkauf und Normung.


Electrotechnical standards CENELEC

New numbering


ISO 31000:2009

New Version expected in 2018


We know product compliance from every angle

For manufacturers

Manufacturer obligations do you know them all?

We do. Our knowledge reduces your exposure to liability risks, such as erroneous conformity declarations or the reputational damage of product recall campaigns.

What you really ought to know as a manufacturer...

For importers

What are your monitoring obligations as an importer?

You're obliged to guarantee the products you import have successfully passed the requisite conformity assessment procedure. We know your obligations – do you?

What you absolutely must know as an importer...

For distributors

Ever heard of distributor due diligence?

Ultimately you're responsible for the goods you offer for sale. We'll tell you how to make sure your purchases are legally compliant.

What you definitely need to know as a distributor...

For all

So what kind of economic operator are you?

Manufacturer, importer or distributor – every role has specific responsibilities and obligations in the supply chain.

Comprehensive knowledge of market access requirements and standards

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