GLOBALNORM is one of the leading institutions for standards management and international market approval requirements. GLOBALNORM offers manufacturers, importers, retailers and service providers its combined knowledge and comprehensive consulting services on national and international standards, regulatory legislation and product compliance requirements – all in one.

How do we do it?

Your one stop shop for standards management

Increasing revenue requires safe products. Do you know which regulations and standards apply to your products, how up-to-date they are or which licenses you need? At GLOBALNORM STANDARDS you receive competent, comprehensive support in researching, managing, monitoring and understanding the standards you need.

Efficient management of standards leaves more time to take care of core business.

Comprehensive product compliance management services

Many companies conduct business beyond national borders. Their success depends to a large extent also on the compliance of their products. Are you keeping track of international market approval requirements? The experts at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE will ensure that your products are manufactured, exported or imported fully compliant with international regulatory requirements.

For reliable product compliance management and successful international market approval.

In Germany alone, over 30 standards apply to the production of wind power.

Do these also apply to a wind power plant off the coast of Africa?

You also would not want

an ECG device to fail in

hospital because of a

streetlight – EN 55015

Limits and Measuring RFI

from Electrical Lighting  
Facilities in conjunction

with the EMC Act prevents this. Did you know that?

In Europe, EN 1974 
applies to diving equipment.


What about in the Maledives?

Bridges are not only beautiful, they represent important connections.

When do which parts used in bridge construction have to have a CE marking?

You'd like to export an automated crane to the United Kingdom, which is operated by customized software. The crane has a CE Marking, the software does not.

Does the software have to have a CE marking, too?

You would like to provide sandfill for a children's playground.

Are you familiar with the specifications in FD S54-206:1998-09 on Sandbox Hygiene?